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If you have problems with wood or vinyl floor, a professional flooring inspector can help determine whether your problems are related to installation errors, manufacturer defects or other issues. Certified flooring inspectors are third parties entities that use specialized tools and knowledge about flooring to help solve flooring problems.

Whether you’re a homeowner, flooring installer, insurance company, or landlord, you can benefit from hiring an independent certified floor inspector to investigate flooring problems. Eric can help you with your report from start to finish, including depositions and legal testimony if it becomes necessary.

— Residential —

Hardwood & Bamboo Floor Inspection

The inspection report provides the moisture content readings of the wood floor and whatever wooden substrate it is attached to. We also collect data pertaining to your home’s relative humidity and temperature. We will check nailing patterns to determine if your floor was properly nailed, inspect for adequate expansion space, determine if your flooring was properly acclimated to in-use conditions and note the overall conditions of your hardwood floor. All of this information will be compared to manufacturer’s installation requirements and industry standards.

LVT/LVP, Sheet Vinyl Floor Inspection

We are specifically trained and certified to perform the necessary inspection procedures and field testing that can lead to the determination of the cause of failure. LVT & LVP floor failures are usually related to improper specification, improper installation, moisture, manufacturing defects, improper maintenance or damage after installation.

Laminate Floor Inspection

The inspection report will provide the moisture content readings of the laminate floor and whatever substrate it is installed over. We also take readings of the home’s relative humidity. We’ll inspect for adequate expansion space. All information will be compared to manufacturer’s installation instructions and industry standards.

Ceramic Floor/Glass Tile/Shower/Pool Inspections

ASTM F-1869 Calcium Chloride Moisture Vapor Emission Rate Testing

ASTM F-2170 Standard Test Method for Determining Relative Humidity in Concrete Floor Slabs Using in-situ Probes

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